Extending Senses

Our Colibri IoT Family adapts to any vertical market.

And can be applied to an endless number of applications in different kind of business.

The plug & play systems allows tailor-made IoT solutions

The platform has the ability to adapt to various hardware architectures, operating systems and multiple electronic components. 

Therefore it integrates easily with systems and technologies already existing in the operation of each client.

The design of modular blocks allows at any time the addition of new features.

It has the ability to evolve alongside the client’s business, without re-starting projects from zero when changes are necessary. 

This also helps to improve product durability and reduces costs by adding new applications.

Scalability is contemplated from the beginning of every project

We generate new strategic alliances with international partners and suppliers to guarantee the extended life of the components. 

Both in the software and hardware fields, we can work with any type and amount of data as with any number of components.

The platform is suitable for execute and iterate prototypes and large-scale projects

The modular blocks are integrated but at the same time separated, making it possible to create general or partial solutions, and also assuring quality in order to gain functionality, performance and safety. 

All this is achieve while simultaneously complying with international norms and standards of each application in its industry.


Pressure: 950 – 1080 hPa
Rain + Humidity: 0-100%
Temperature: ‐40 a 60°C
Wind direction: 8 discrete directions Wind speed: 45 km/h
CO2: 450 – 2000 ppm / CO: 0 – 100 ppm
Volatile Organic Compunds: 125 – 650 ppb Particulates: PM2.5 or PM10
Ambient light
UV light: UVA and UVB
Optical based counting
Radio spectrum: 50 MHz – 1.35 GHz

 Cognitive Capabilities

Local or remote processing data, by means of robotic vision technologies, to recognize and count objects and quantities.

We are also able to identify events and/or the sources of noise present in the environment.


We think and work Glocal

Design in Argentina

Produce in China, USA & México

Deploy around the world